Tenant Screening

Four Ways to Encourage Lease Renewals in Gilbert

November 30, 2018

At Austin Fleck Property Management of Gilbert, AZ and the surrounding valley, we have many types of tenants. Since we are part of a thorough vetting process for our renters, we usually want to keep most of them (once in a while, we’re OK to let a tenant explore other options). In our last post

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Why Proof Of Tenant Income Is Crucial For Landlords

November 13, 2018

What is Required for Proof of Tenant Income in Phoenix? Background checks, credit reports, credit scores, bank account balances, and rental references—these are where most landlords check to determine if a prospective tenant is a potential asset, or a liability. But are these enough? Do these financial factors tell the whole story? At Austin Fleck

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Why Austin Fleck Property Management?

October 26, 2018

If you’re a rental property investor looking for a property manager, you need to be certain the management company you engage is a highly qualified company with an outstanding track record. After all, you have an investment goal you’re entrusting to that company. You want it to produce a revenue stream that maximizes income while

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Staying Current With Homes For Rent in Phoenix, AZ

August 13, 2018

I’ve Got Homes for Rent. What do I need to do to Stay Current? Our goal at Austin Fleck Management Company is to help make your job as a rental home owner easier. If you’ve never owned a rental property before, you might be asking, “What do I need to do to stay current with

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Planning For Tenants in Gilbert Arizona

July 13, 2018

First-Timers, Get Ready! We’ve been doing a series of blog posts on the planning and preparation involved in making real estate investments. If you’re just starting out as an investor in rental property, our staff at Austin Fleck Property Management is ready to offer its expertise. When it comes to house rental management, we have

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Property Management Headache #1: Tenant Problems

May 14, 2018

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? This well-known song from The Sound Of Music is a lighthearted look at the problems caused by a free-spirited person living within the confines of a convent’s rules and regulations. While Maria meant no harm, her inability to follow the rules of order created an abundance of

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Why Can’t I Manage It Myself?

April 30, 2018

I own it. What can be so difficult about managing my rental property? I’ve been taking care of my own home for years, mowing the grass, making small repairs, working through the to-do list. Why can’t I manage my rental property myself? As professional property managers in Gilbert, AZ, Austin Fleck Property Management’s response is:

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5 Rental Application Red Flags That Should Be on Every Landlord’s Radar

September 21, 2017

Every landlord should realize the importance of thoroughly screening prospective rental applicants. In the long run, a rigorous screening process can save you a great deal of headaches and stress. Even if you’ve been lucky and have rented to some excellent tenants, you don’t want to get too lax about screening future applicants. Here are

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How Property Management Companies Secure Better Quality Tenants

August 22, 2017

Many rental property owners will tell you that the best way to protect your investment and add value to it in the process is by hiring a competent property management team.  These companies are literally worth their weight in gold because of how they are able to secure better quality tenants for rental property investors.

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Helpful Tips for Increasing Tenant Retention

October 31, 2016

One of the primary areas of concern for most landlords and real estate investors is high tenant turnover and lengthy vacancy cycles.  From a business perspective, these will adversely impact your bottom line and eat up your profits.  Consequently, one of the key responsibilities of a property management company is increased tenant retention and shorter

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