Frequently Asked Questions

Question Mark character with homeWhat do I need to do get started with Austin Fleck Property Management?

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What are the fees associated with renting my property? (WATCH VIDEO)
  • A Leasing Fee of $500. (This covers many things other companies don’t or won’t offer – see below.)
  • A Management fee of 11%. (This too covers many things other companies don’t or won’t do for you.)
  • No hidden fees or costs.
What is the leasing fee and when is that payment required? (WATCH VIDEO)
  • The $500 leasing fee includes: advertising the property, sign placement & removal, lock box placement and removal, pictures & video of the property before a tenant moves in and after they move out, advertising pictures, answering ad calls, facilitating showings, screening tenants, preparing & executing the lease, registering the property under the Slum Lord Act and preparing and submitting the City Tax License application.
  • Payment is required when the signed property management agreement is submitted to begin property management services.
Where do you advertise? (WATCH VIDEO)

We advertise in many ways with a variety of sources. With the number one method tenants use being the Internet, this is our primary focus. We syndicate out to dozens of websites. Some of the industry leaders are Google, Zillow, Craigslist, Trulia, Postlets, Hotpads,, Rentbits, and so on.

Why do I need a Tax License?

It is legally required in most cities to obtain a license and pay taxes on the rental income of the property. Each city varies with their tax rate and licensing requirements.

How long does it take to find a renter for my property? (WATCH VIDEO)

Our company average is less than 30 days. However, the time it takes can vary depending on several factors. Some of those factors being; market conditions, location, rental price, and condition of property.

When will I receive my owner capital funds? (WATCH VIDEO)

Owner capital funds will be disbursed between on the 5th business day of the month and a second disbursment on the15th calendar day or next business day if the date falls on a weekend or holiday.

What are the factors that could effect the date I receive my funds: (WATCH VIDEO)
  • The first of the month falling on a weekend.
  • Holidays
  • The tenant paying on time.
Do I need to leave money in my account as a reserve?

We ask that a $250.00 reserve be left in the account in the event any minor repairs are needed.

What happens if a repair is needed on my home? (WATCH VIDEO)

The tenant is required to place the request in writing, except in cases of emergencies. Our Maintenance Coordinator will then contract an approved vendor to conduct the necessary repair. Any repair under $250 will be automatically deducted from your monthly owner capital funds. (If you have a home warranty contract, please provide us with a copy of the contract and we will make them our first contact.) You will be given a copy of the receipt stamped “Do Not Pay – This Is For Your Records Only”. If the necessary repair is anticipated to be over $250, you will be contacted with a quote for approval. If you are unable to be reached, there is an emergency or the home warranty company does not respond in a timely manner, we will conduct the necessary repair in accordance with Arizona Landlord and Tenant Act.

Who is an approved vendor?

An approved vendor has been determined to be in good business standing, is aware of and complies with Arizona Landlord and Tenant Act, has agreed to invoice fairly and in a timely manner, and has proven to be courteous and professional to clients.

Should I allow someone to smoke in my home?

No – it is a standard part of our lease that smoking is not permitted in the home or the garage.

Is Medical Marijuana permitted?

No – it is against federal law and not permitted on the premises.

Should I allow pets in my home?

We encourage that you allow pets, but will certainly honor your wishes either way. A large percentage of prospective tenants have pets. Forbidding pets can significantly decrease the number or prospective tenants that may be interested in your home resulting in a longer time on the market. If pets are granted, we require an additional security deposit from the tenant and proof of insurance with a minimum coverage of $100,000.

How many people are allowed to live in my home?

We follow the City and State ordinances which state no more than two people per bedroom. (Exception: Tempe – no more than three people living in a home that are not related to one another.)

What happens if the tenant doesn’t pay on time? (WATCH VIDEO)

Rent is due on the 1st. There is no grace period. On the 2nd (or next business day if the 2nd falls on a weekend or holiday) a 5-day notice to begin eviction proceedings is sent via certified mail in accordance with AZ Landlord and Tenant Act. If the tenant still does not pay after the 5-days, the appropriate paperwork is sent to the attorney to secure a court date with the judge. (This date can vary depending on the docket of the judge.) Typically we are in court between the 15th and the 25th of the same month. Once the judgment is granted by the judge, he or she will give the tenant five days from the court date to vacate the home.

How do you qualify the tenant? (WATCH VIDEO)

We perform a credit check, criminal background check, employment verification, residency verification in addition to asking the tenant for references.

Am I involved in approving the tenant?

The property management agreement delegates this task to us as your management company, however, you can be as involved as you like. An approved application, earnest deposit and signed lease will allow us to take the house off the market until the new tenant move-in date.

Can I enter the home or conduct an inspection of the home during the tenant’s occupancy?

Entering the home requires a 48-hour notice to be sent via certified mail with return receipt at lease five days prior to the 48 hours beginning. (7 days total.) A form can be provided to you upon your request to send to the tenant.

How do I proceed with having Austin Fleck Property Management manage my home? (WATCH VIDEO)

The Steps:

  • Contact our office at¬†480-361-6105¬†option 3 to schedule an appointment with a property manager.
  • Complete the items on the Property Management Checklist and return the appropriate forms.