Application Process

Thank you for considering us as your housing provider. My team and I are dedicated to giving you prompt and professional service. Since 1987 we have provided quality and affordable homes for households throughout the Valley. As a management team, we represent homeowners who have entrusted us to care for their properties. We invite you to view the homes we manage. As a potential customer, we ask that you carefully review the following information. For additional information please call (480) 361-6105.

Application Standards

All applicants pass through a screening process:

Income: Verifiable proof of income totaling at least three times the monthly rent or $2,000/mo. income as a minimum if receiving a subsidized housing voucher.

Credit History:  2 years or more of positive credit history. No credit history will require a co-signer if the applicant otherwise qualifies. Credit scores below 575 will be declined. A credit score of 575-674 will be independently reviewed and may be grounds for denial depending on the type of credit or require a co-signer if the applicant otherwise qualifies. Credit history must be free of any unpaid tax liens, unpaid judgments, and monies owed to a previous Landlord. Bankruptcy if filed must be discharged at least 6 months ago.

Criminal History: Criminal history is reviewed on a case-by-case basis and considered with the entirety of the application. If convicted, must have completed your sentence over 10 years ago. Grounds for denial are crimes against children, pedophile or sex offense, drug-related charges (possession may be exempted), violent crime or crime using a weapon, fraud, or forgery. Failure to disclose any criminal history regardless of severity is grounds for denial of your application.

Rental History: Your previous residences must be free of evictions, judgments, and unpaid rent. No negative rental history. 2 years or more of positive rental or mortgage history.

Employment History: At least 2 years of verifiable positive employment history. (If not – Co-signer required.)

Occupancy: The number of occupants may not exceed 2 persons per bedroom. (Exception – City of Tempe – the maximum number of unrelated people that can live together is three (3), regardless of the size of the home or number of bedrooms in the home.

Co-Signer: Must meet all qualifications of rental criteria and qualify on their own.

Animals/Pets:  All animals must be disclosed. Policies on pets vary according to homeowner restrictions, City Codes or HOA Rules & Regulations and require an additional security deposit. Service, Assistive or Companion animals are not considered pets. Please list appropriately on your application and complete the Reasonable Accommodation/Modification Request form.


A $49.95 application fee must be paid for each applicant online before the applications will be processed. This fee is non-refundable.

Fair Housing Policy: It is unlawful and a violation of company policy to discriminate against any person based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, familial status, or any other protected class or to refuse to show, rent, negotiate or otherwise make unavailable any rental unit. We will provide fair and equal treatment for all people, whether or not they are included in a protected class. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Susan Austin-Fleck @ (480) 361-6105.