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Proof of tenant income in Phoenix

Why Proof Of Tenant Income Is Crucial For Landlords

What is Required for Proof of Tenant Income in Phoenix? Background checks, credit reports, credit scores, bank account balances, and rental references—these are where most landlords check to determine if a prospective tenant is a potential asset, or a liability. But are these enough? Do these financial factors tell the whole story? At Austin Fleck … Read More

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Property Management Headache #1: Tenant Problems

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? This well-known song from The Sound Of Music is a lighthearted look at the problems caused by a free-spirited person living within the confines of a convent’s rules and regulations. While Maria meant no harm, her inability to follow the rules of order created an abundance of … Read More

Property Management in Gilbert, AZ

Art imitates life, even for Property Management in Gilbert, AZ

At Austin Fleck Property Management in Gilbert, AZ, we’ve noticed art imitates life, especially when it comes to prospective tenants and their promises of earnest money to guarantee a rental contract. There’s a humorous movie that illustrates those sometimes empty promises in a sad sort of way. In the 1997 comedy mockumentary Waiting For Guffman, … Read More

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Rent in Phoenix, AZ: Overvalued or Undervalued?

Trust Our biggest value at Austin Fleck Property Management, serving Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding communities, is a commitment to uncompromising professionalism in our representation of your investment. You trust us as your property manager to market your property, to take care of maintenance and repair issues, and to find the best tenants for your … Read More

Property Management in Gilbert, AZ

Rent Collection and Property Management in Gilbert, AZ

One of the most difficult aspects of owning a rental property is collecting the rent from your tenants. The reality is, tenants will come up with any number of reasons to not pay their rent on time. In fact, The Landlord Protection Agency has recorded hundreds of actual excuses that will make you laugh or … Read More

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4 Big Reasons to Rent Out Your First Home

Will buying a home be a wise investment? This is a common question many first-time homeowners ask. The truth is, if you’re concerned about your financial future and worried about the regret you’ll have over buying the property —  consider making your first home an investment property. By leveraging your property to earn rental income, … Read More

ARMLS Statistics for November 2016

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Top Cringe-Worthy Late Rent Excuses

Property management companies in Mesa, AZ rarely have problems involving late rent payments thanks to their online portals and software solutions for collecting these monies.  Furthermore, the excuses that renters commonly make when paying their rent late are also eliminated when you start accepting online rent payments.  As the rental property owner, this also helps … Read More

ARMLS Statistics for October 2016

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Factors to Consider Before Raising Tenant Rent

As with many other landlords across the U.S., one of the more common decisions facing Phoenix area rental property investors is whether or not they should raise their tenant’s rent when it’s time to re-sign their lease agreement.  If you have hired a professional property management company to oversee your single family rental home, they … Read More