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Holiday Tips on Preparing To Rent Your Home

The holidays are approaching! It’s a time to reflect on the past year, look to the future, and celebrate the present with those around us. At Austin Fleck Property Management of Gilbert, we would like to give a somewhat humorous take on one practical aspect of rental property ownership, as seen through the eyes of … Read More

Four Ways to Encourage Lease Renewals in Gilbert

Four Ways to Encourage Lease Renewals in Gilbert

At Austin Fleck Property Management of Gilbert, AZ and the surrounding valley, we have many types of tenants. Since we are part of a thorough vetting process for our renters, we usually want to keep most of them (once in a while, we’re OK to let a tenant explore other options). In our last post … Read More

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Why Proof Of Tenant Income Is Crucial For Landlords

What is Required for Proof of Tenant Income in Phoenix? Background checks, credit reports, credit scores, bank account balances, and rental references—these are where most landlords check to determine if a prospective tenant is a potential asset, or a liability. But are these enough? Do these financial factors tell the whole story? At Austin Fleck … Read More

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How to Encourage Tenant Responsibility in Gilbert, AZ

As a rental property owner you’re in business to make a profit. And at Austin Fleck Property Management in the Phoenix Valley, it’s our business to manage your real estate investment so your financial goals can be met. We have learned some valuable practical lessons about how to protect that valued financial asset. One of … Read More

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Keeping Rental Property Tenants Happy in the Phoenix Valley

It’s lease renewal time, and for many rental home owners, this creates stress. Nobody wants to see a house sit empty while waiting for a new, qualified tenant to show up. It’s not good for the house; not good for the owner; and not good for the property manager. At Austin Fleck Property Management in … Read More

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Property Management Companies: To Fee Or Not To Fee?

Sorry, Mr. Shakespeare, the pun was too good to pass up. But it’s a question professional property management companies need to answer, including Austin Fleck Property Management in Gilbert, AZ. We need to charge for our services in order to provide you with the best property management in the Phoenix area. But we keep it … Read More

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Everything Put Together – Falls Apart

Paul Simon wrote a lyric that has stood the test of time: Everything put together, sooner or later falls apart. At Austin Fleck Property Management (serving Gilbert, AZ and the Phoenix Valley), we have found this to be true, even with the best of rental homes in Phoenix.   We recently went to see a lovely property … Read More

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Honesty, Integrity, and Trust in Repairs

11 At Austin Fleck Property Management (proudly serving Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, and the Phoenix region), we value honesty, integrity, and trust, above all. We strive to foster excellent business relationships with our rental homeowner clients, with their tenants, and with our vendors. It’s our belief that honesty is always the best policy, but unfortunately, not … Read More

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Are You Classic or Romantic Property Investor?

 From a classic book on motorcycles, our staff at Austin Fleck Property Management in Gilbert, AZ has discovered a metaphor for two different types of investors we’ve met through our years in the business of property management. These two kinds of investors have two contrasting approaches to caring for their rental properties. Read on; you’ll … Read More

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Property Management Headache #1: Tenant Problems

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? This well-known song from The Sound Of Music is a lighthearted look at the problems caused by a free-spirited person living within the confines of a convent’s rules and regulations. While Maria meant no harm, her inability to follow the rules of order created an abundance of … Read More