How Property Management Companies Secure Better Quality Tenants

How Property Management Companies Secure Better Quality Tenants

August 22, 2017

to protect your investment and add value to it in the process is by hiring a competent property management team.  These companies are literally worth their weight in gold because of how they are able to secure better quality tenants for rental property investors.  When it comes down to it, it’s a difference in mentalities.  Landlords and property investors will try to sell the tenant on the idea of renting their single family home whereas property management companies will let tenants sell them on why they should rent the property to them.

Advertising and Marketing Strategies That Work

One of the many services that property management companies provide is securing a better quality tenant through targeted advertising and marketing. Basically, they are skilled at getting the right prospective tenants interested in your single family home by using offline and online venues to do so.  

Here are some examples of each:

  • Offline Sources – Corporate referrals, door hangers, flyers, mailers, other realtors, the MLS, print media (e.g. newspapers, weekly shoppers, etc.), and yard signage
  • Online,,,, IDX (multiple listing search services),,,, and

Furthermore, these strategies help to reduce vacancy cycles and indirectly increase tenant retention cycles. When you have a good tenant, your property management team ensures that you will keep them leasing or renting your single family home longer.

Contract Negotiations

Property management companies also serve as contract negotiators in that they will be the buffer between you and your tenants or the primary point of contact. From showing prospective tenants your property to the creation and execution of a lawyer-approved lease or rental contract, your property management team will handle it all. The lease or rental agreement reflects all of the agreed-upon conditions and terms contained therein while at the same time protecting both you and the people you are leasing or renting to.

Furthermore, the agreement or contract will be compliant with the Arizona Landlord and Tenant Act and Slumlord Act as well as all other regulatory requirements. In addition to protecting the property owner/investor’s privacy, tenants will continue dealing directly with the company you’ve hired to manage your property or properties. Plus the property management company will never disclose your address, or telephone number to your tenants, no matter what circumstances arise. This is an important consideration.

Our Rigorous Screening Process

Here at Austin Fleck Property Management, prospective tenants must submit an application and pass our stringent screening processes, which include comprehensive criminal background checks; credit scores and payment histories; employer verification; past landlord experiences, and more. Only tenants who meet or exceed our standards will be considered.

If you’d like more information about how we qualify our clients’ tenants, view our video “How Do You Qualify A Tenant

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