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Property Management Companies: To Fee Or Not To Fee?

Owner Tenant Relationships | Posted on October 15, 2018 at by

Sorry, Mr. Shakespeare, the pun was too good to pass up. But it’s a question professional property management companies need to answer, including Austin Fleck Property Management in Gilbert, AZ. We need to charge for our services in order to provide you with the best property management in the Phoenix area. But we keep it

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Home Warranties on Rental Properties: Yes or No?

Blogs | Property Management | Rehab and Repairs | Posted on September 14, 2018 at by

At Austin Fleck Property Management of Gilbert AZ, we’re asked a multitude of questions concerning insurance on rental home properties. We’ve written about Landlord and Tenant insurances in the past, so click on the links if you’d like to know more about these insurances. But there is another insurance that many rental home property owners

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Financial Planning 101-Phoenix Valley

Blogs | Marketing Property | Owner FAQ | Property Management | Posted on June 18, 2018 at by

Creating a Budget and Herding Cats wealth creation and seeks to maximize the benefits. How we spend affects how others live. Money that is idle is like the proverbial light hidden under a bushel: nobody gets the benefit. Money that is employed in useful endeavors is like the farmer who takes care of his or

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A Short History of Property Managers, Part 2

Blogs | Posted on June 11, 2018 at by

At Austin Fleck Property Management we love history, especially the fact that we’ve got a successful history of rental management that serves property owners with quality and excellence. For now though, let’s finish this two-part series on A Short History of Property Management. If you’ve already read Part 1 of this 2-part series, you’ll know

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Art imitates life, even for Property Management in Gilbert, AZ

Owner FAQ | Property Management | Rent | Rental Statistics | Posted on April 27, 2018 at by

At Austin Fleck Property Management in Gilbert, AZ, we’ve noticed art imitates life, especially when it comes to prospective tenants and their promises of earnest money to guarantee a rental contract. There’s a humorous movie that illustrates those sometimes empty promises in a sad sort of way. In the 1997 comedy mockumentary Waiting For Guffman,

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Rent in Phoenix, AZ: Overvalued or Undervalued?

Arizona Rental Market Trends | Blogs | Owner Tenant Relationships | Property Management | Rent | Posted on April 18, 2018 at by

Trust Our biggest value at Austin Fleck Property Management, serving Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding communities, is a commitment to uncompromising professionalism in our representation of your investment. You trust us as your property manager to market your property, to take care of maintenance and repair issues, and to find the best tenants for your

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Rental Management Insurance Questions

Arizona Rental Market Trends | Blogs | Owner Tenant Relationships | Property Management | Posted on April 13, 2018 at by

A Burning Question A man was barbecuing a steak on the built-in grill of the house he rented, when a small propane tank malfunctioned and started a fire. The fire quickly spread from the patio to the main portion of the house, where it caused $225,000 in damages. Here’s the burning question on all our

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