Rent Collection and Property Management in Gilbert, AZ

Rent Collection and Property Management in Gilbert, AZ

March 27, 2018

Property Management in Gilbert, AZOne of the most difficult aspects of owning a rental property is collecting the rent from your tenants. The reality is, tenants will come up with any number of reasons to not pay their rent on time. In fact, The Landlord Protection Agency has recorded hundreds of actual excuses that will make you laugh or cry, because some of them could have been your own tenants. At Austin Fleck Property Management in Gilbert, AZ, we’ve heard our own share of excuses over the years: “I broke my leg,” “I wrecked my car,” “I had to go to a funeral,” or, “I was diagnosed with cancer.” And you thought teenagers cornered the market on excuses like, “My dog ate my homework!”

Your Business, Your Investment

Please don’t misunderstand. We’re not saying for a moment that these circumstances are not unfortunate or even horrific. But remember, this is your investment. If you called the bank and gave any one of these excuses as a reason for not paying your mortgage, would they let you skip a month? Of course not.

We understand that times are tough—many are still struggling in our current economy. But,

your rental property is your business, and it needs to be managed like a business. Allowing the emotional tug at your heartstrings is not a good business strategy. A better course of action is to to feel sorry for the tenant—at your expense—is removed. And that gives you the edge in protecting your investment.

The Answer: Property Management in Gilbert, AZ

Go ahead, be a charitable, compassionate, and giving person, but do it on your own terms and when your budget allows. Using a property management service is simply sound financial wisdom. When you’ve hired a qualified company like Austin Fleck Property Management in Gilbert, AZ, you’ll never have to hear excuses again. Call us today at (480) 361-6105, and let’s talk. We’ve got licensed agents who are ready and willing to safeguard your investment by doing your heavy lifting for you.



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