Decorating Your Rental in Phoenix, AZ

Decorating Your Rental in Phoenix, AZ

August 25, 2018

renting of an empty home

Decorating a home is a very subjective undertaking. What one person finds beautiful, another person may find gaudy. There’s no accounting for taste, is another way of saying it. At Austin Fleck Property Management (serving the Phoenix Valley), we don’t pass judgment on the style that our owners’ decor choices reflect. We do, however, have some guidelines that we have discovered to be helpful in the successful renting of an empty home.

Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder

How true this statement is, especially in our homes. When it comes to curtains, window valances and treatments, not everybody appreciates hot pink, screaming lime green, or checkered red and black. Or an accent wall painted hunter orange. Or carpets that make the statement, “We should have been replaced 20 years ago.” To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, “Take those things down!”


By law it may not be required, but best practice—and our company policy—calls for cloth curtains, drapes, and valances to be dry cleaned between tenants, since they’re a perfect dwelling place for bed bugs, dust mites, and other tiny pests. In addition, if our images of hunter orange and hot pink colors haven’t convinced you, the reality is, an owner’s taste and style could very easily limit rental prospects. In effect, personal style choices, as well as curtains or valances, represent a lot of extra work and possible liability for the rental home owner.

Personal Items

Everybody has personal attachments to things they have collected over the years. It might be the garden gnome living in the kitchen corner that came home from a yard sale; or the life-sized, ornate wrought iron sculpture of Teddy Roosevelt you inherited from Aunt Florence, which is now gracing the dining room with its presence. Once, we encountered an old wooden bench that had deteriorated from sitting outside in the elements. It might have been a family heirloom and at one time a treasure, but now it was simply an eyesore begging to go to the scrap heap.

Plain and Simple

With these and other personal items, Austin Fleck Property Management would ask the rental property owner to remove them. When showing a house to a qualified potential tenant, Austin Fleck Property Management has found that plain and simple is best. We want your empty rental home to be occupied quickly by tenants who can see the beauty of what the home can become, without having to mentally block out items that aren’t to their taste. Your rental property is one of your biggest investments; we want to show it in its best light so you can get the best return. When it comes to the renting of an empty home, keep it simple, and keep it easy. That’s our advice!



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