Screening Tenants For My Rental

Screening Tenants For My Rental

January 25, 2014

Austin Fleck Property Management receives dozens of rental applications each week for client available rentals as a result of our extensive multi-layered approach to advertising. Screening these tenants to ensure they are a viable tenant for your investment is a crucial step in protecting your investment from potential loss. Austin Fleck Property Management uses AmRent as a third party provider to conduct the credit and criminal background check of each applicant over the age of 18. AmRent is the Nation’s most trusted and comprehensive resident screening service provider. AmRent helps property owners and managers throughout the U.S. improve their bottom line by quickly converting qualified applicants to residents while reducing skips and evictions. Austin Fleck Property Management’s eviction rate has gone down 69% since using AmRent to screen tenants in 2013.  

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