The Longest Month in House Rental Management

The Longest Month in House Rental Management

May 7, 2018

house rental management

In some cases, house rental management can feel a little bit like waiting for Christmas Day. Even though it rarely to take forever, after all the hard work of getting ready, Christmas day finally came, and it always was worth the wait. Oh, the joy!

The Longest Month in House Rental Management

Being a rental property owner can have a similar anticipation cycle, with all the preparation and eager thoughts of receiving the payoff for your labors. When you’ve got a vacant rental, you wake up every morning wondering, Is it rented yet? Is today the day?

But a vacancy, and speculating about how long it will take to rent your property, can also be frustrating or discouraging, especially if your property sits empty for months. We can tell you with assurance that nobody knows how long it will take to find a new tenant, but we can also assure you, with our experience and track record, there is no need to fear. At Austin Fleck Property Management, we average fewer than 30 days of vacancy on the rentals we manage.

Just like getting ready for the holidays, our success lies in our preparation. As part of our professional house rental management, we do extensive advertising and set realistic pricing for the market. We have the house and pool professionally cleaned and maintained, we have the landscaping freshened and looking sharp, and we coordinate the necessary repairs to get the home ready to rent. Essentially, we wrap your present in pretty paper and tie a bow around it.

Is it Rented Yet?

Our seasoned house rental management team at Austin Fleck Property Management also values communication. Our weekly updates inform you of the number of calls about your property, the number of viewings, and we pass on any feedback from prospective tenants. Just like you, we don’t get paid during vacancies, so we’re equally as motivated to successfully rent your home. It might seem like it takes forever, but after all of the hard work, when the magical day comes you will hear us say, YES, IT’S RENTED! Oh, the joy!


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