[VIDEO] FAQ: Why is a Team Better Than a Single Rental Property Manager?

[VIDEO] FAQ: Why is a Team Better Than a Single Rental Property Manager?

November 10, 2017

Did you know that in recent years as many as 4 million landlords failed to make a profit on their rental property? Not only that, those landlords saw their dreams of steady, annual income evaporate into thin air.

Their lack of profits wasn’t due to lack of effort. Many of them had hired a property manager — a single person to oversee everything from tenant screening and leasing, to rent collection and maintenance.

The Downside of a Having a Single Property Manager

But you’re probably asking yourself: “If they had a property manager, what went wrong?”

The problem is a single property manager can’t hold a candle to what a management team can provide for homeowners.

For example: What happens when a manager goes out of town? Who’s left holding the ball?

Well, in the case of a team — you have many agents working for you, keeping your property running like a well-oiled machine.

In the case of having a single manager, however — the responsibility falls back on you, the landlord. And what good is paying someone to manage your property if they aren’t physically present in the first place?

Austin Fleck Property Management – Arizona’s Best Management Team

At Austin Fleck Property Management, we pride ourselves in giving every landlord a live body to talk to. We know leases. We know the law. Our team will manage every aspect of your rental property 24/7 so you can live your life AND turn a profit.