[VIDEO] FAQ: Do I Have to Put Up a Pool Fence?

[VIDEO] FAQ: Do I Have to Put Up a Pool Fence?

October 16, 2017

Pools, particularly in hot climates, are a desirable feature that can earn landlords more rent money.

But, there’s a catch.

Pool Barrier Requirements by Law

The pool must have a proper fence or barrier if the property is rented to anyone with children under the age of 7. In addition, you can’t refuse to rent to families with children 7 and under because it’s considered discrimination against familial status.

This is a big deal! What if someone drowned in the pool?

The person who drowned could even be a guest of your tenant.

Other Recommended Pool Safety Measures

Other safety measures include a pool cover that latches, and an alarm that sounds when there’s movement near the pool.

Also, make sure that your regular liability coverage covers pools. If not, you might need to pay more.