Matching Your Style With the Right Property Management Service

Matching Your Style With the Right Property Management Service

August 22, 2017

Whenever you are selecting a property management company, it’s vital to pick one that is a good fit with your style. Most individuals are under the impression that these firms or companies are all alike.  It’s commonly referred to as a “cookie cutter” mentality, that all property management companies provide the same services to their clients. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The fact about choosing a company or management team that fits your style means that you will be provided with services that meet your specific needs. This is an important criteria when you need to select a company among many others with the same budget and services.

The following is a listing of some of the more common services that you should look for if you are thinking about hiring a property management company:


Of all the services that a property management company provides, this is one of the most basic yet essential ones. In addition to collecting rent, the primary financial responsibilities include:

  • Issuing late payment notices
  • Paying maintenance expenses
  • Reporting monthly financial statements

Dealing with the financial responsibilities of property management can be a headache for many owner/investors. This is one of the key reasons so many turn to property management companies to handle these issues.


Over time, there are several potential legal issues that could pose a problem, the most common of which is an eviction for non-payment of rent. The right property management company can assist you with this process. Many even have their own attorneys on retainer who are there for this purpose. They are also there to handle any other legal issues that may arise.

Physical Maintenance 

There is a tremendous amount of physical labor involved for those property management companies with dozens of clients and properties such as landscaping, preventative maintenance, and repairs. The better companies will have a network of maintenance and repair contractors to rely on where this is concerned. It also means that whenever there is an emergency in the middle of the night that it will be handled. Just keep in mind that this isn’t always included with some companies list of services.


If you’re going to maximize tenant retention rates and minimize vacancy periods, you have to develop and maintain strong relationships with your tenants. And that is exactly what the better property management companies do for you as a client. Property management companies also know the best marketing tools for advertising your property. Furthermore, prospective tenants must undergo a rigorous screening process in order to rent your single family home.

While no two property management companies are alike, it is important that you find one that meets your specific needs and provides all of the above. Your success as an owner investor depends on it.

Austin Fleck Property Management – The Ideal Choice for Property Management

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