Tenant FAQ: “Am I responsible even though I didn’t plant it or grow it?”

Tenant FAQ: “Am I responsible even though I didn’t plant it or grow it?”

March 3, 2017

This week we received a call from a tenant that received an HOA violation for excessive weed growth in the yard in addition to failing to maintain the lawn and trimming the bushes.

Tenant Q: “Do I just needed to let you know so you can contract someone.

Management A: “No, this is tenant responsibility.”

Tenant Q: “Even though I didn’t plant it or grow it – this is my responsibility?”

Management A: “Yes, it is tenant responsibility per your lease.”

The lease states:

Maintenance Responsibility: The following shall be the responsibility of the party indicated. Yard Maintenance: Front Yard: Tenant Back Yard: Tenant. It further states: Upkeep of the Premises: …..Tenant shall maintain the Premises in a neat and undamaged condition and, in particular, shall comply with applicable provisions of building codes, homeowners’ association or other ruse and regulations; maintain the Premises in a clean and safe condition; disposes of all ashes, rubbish, garbage and other waste; keep and use all plumbing and electrical, sanitary, heating , ventilating and air conditioning facilities and elevators and other facilities and appliances in a clean ad reasonable manner; and generally conduct themselves and other in their charge, including pets, in a manner so as not to disturb their neighbors or in any way, deface, damage, impair or otherwise destroy any part of the Premises.