Finding The Best Tenants… Fast

Finding The Best Tenants… Fast

September 30, 2016

The question is…. How do you find the BEST tenants possible in the SHORTEST amount of time possible?

Here are a few tips to help you find a quality tenant in as short of time as possible.

  • Have the manpower to filter dozens of phone calls a day per rental unit. Remember, this is a numbers game, the more options you have of rental candidates the more likely you are to be able to find that ‘perfect’ renter to move into your home. When applicants call, be sure you are able to get a LIVE PERSON on the phone. If you make possible new tenants jump through hoops to talk to someone about your home…. you might lose them.
  • Advertise on all the major sites and make your rental home ‘move in ready’ and ‘appealing’ to move into as soon as possible. Nobody wants to waste their time, especially YOU, the property owner. By giving your property the broadest reach possible, you will find more applicants.
  • Have a well thought out, proven, and well documented applicant filtration process. At any given moment in time, there are hundreds of people looking for their new home. Your job is to get through the numerous applications as quickly and efficiently as possible to find that perfect tenant. That can only be done by having a proven applicant filtering process.  

Austin Fleck Property Management is proud to say that

  • When our ads are running for rental properties we typically field 100-150 calls per day on our available rental units.
  • What makes us different is that if somebody calls our office they will get a live person 98% of the time. If we are on another line, the call is returned within a business day. Our competition can’t compete with this.
  • Our application process is one of the most thorough in the industry and the company we use for this processing is quick, accurate and efficient. We do full background checks including work, income, residency, references, criminal and credit. This allows us to find that perfect tenant FASTER by processing that application within one business day.


On average our properties go from vacant to having a signed lease in 2 weeks or less. If you are looking for the BEST tenants to fill your rental home vacancy FAST, you have come to the right place.