How to Lease Properties In 2 Weeks Or Less

How to Lease Properties In 2 Weeks Or Less

August 26, 2016

Many property management companies are too busy stepping over dollars to pick up a quarter. Getting a vacant rental property filled fast is great, but often times the wrong tenant slips into tenancy causing a boatload of problems downstream.

Trying to fill your property too fast just to fill the vacancy is the wrong approach, you can wind up with all sorts of troubles if you are rushing into this commitment too hastily. Some of the problems we see happening if rushing into filling a vacancy are:

  • Late paying tenants
  • Tenants that damage your property
  • Tenants that SEEM GREAT on paper – but once they are in your property they become a nightmare to deal with.
  • Higher Delinquency

A direct result of these tenant related issues will mean loss of profit and income to the property owner.

My following tips can save you weeks of headache and thousands of dollars when trying to fill your vacancy fast.

  • Do NOT allow friends or family members to push you into a tenant / landlord relationship. Every applicant must follow the new tenant application protocol regardless of relationship.
  • Use a professional management company as a liaison to protect you, the landlord, while filling your vacant rental unit. (Remember, a professional management company has strict processes in place to put the owner first and protect the rental asset)
  • If you are not getting enough applicants that meet your criteria, try extending your advertising and sharing your rental criteria. This often times attracts qualified tenants faster.

Austin Fleck Property Management is proud to say that we average going from a vacant rental to a signed lease within 2 weeks or less. We also have a 97% NON-delinquency rate and a 67% lease renewal rate. Meaning, our systems and processes for finding new, quality tenants is well refined and effective. We will make you money and continue to make you money for years to come. Our tenants stay in our rental properties for an average of 3 years. 

If you have a vacant single family residential home you are looking to rent, or you are just looking for a change,  please call us today at 480-361-6105 or email so we can get you started with savings without the gimmick!