Tempe Property Management

While the city of Tempe was long regarded as a college town, and the home to Arizona State University, it is also the home of numerous rental properties and prospective tenants. As the premier property management company in Tempe, in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area, Austin Fleck Property Management manages numerous single family dwellings throughout the area. Our dedicated staff members and our years of combined experience in real estate have served the area well. When you combine these factors with our extensive knowledge of Tempe property management; we are the preferred choice for prospective tenants and rental property owners alike.

City of Tempe

The fact that Tempe is the home of Arizona State University makes the city the “Valley of the Sun’s” academic and intellectual hub. However, despite the heavier college student populace, it has an overall population of 168,000, and experiences steady growth on an annual basis. Tempe is also the home to a number of research oriented industries, including the fields or biotechnology and solar energy, as well as a vibrant nightlife.

Tempe is situated in the eastern portion of the valley, and is bordered by Mesa to the east and Scottsdale to the north. Chandler is to the south, and Guadalupe and Phoenix are to the north. All of these regions are areas that are served by Austin Fleck Property Management. While the city is very attractive to the Millennial generation, it attracts many retirees, as well. So there is an abundance of renters here, to say the least. Our Tempe property management services will ensure that you rent to the right people.

Precise and Proven Property Management Techniques

Austin Fleck Property Management sports over 50 years or combined experience in Tempe property management. One of the primary characteristics of our company, that separates us from others, is our precise and proven techniques. These include:

  • advertising and marketing our company, as well as the single-family residences we manage, through different channels including: realtors, referrals, websites, yard signage, and a number of other venues
  • ensuring that everything involving your rental property is in acceptable order, and that tenants are compliant with their lease agreements, by conducting regularly scheduled drive-by inspections
  • facilitating tours of your property and always being available to answer the questions of clients and prospective tenants alike
  • filing the appropriate paperwork and registrations once your property has been rented (ensures compliance with the Arizona Residential Landlord and Tenant Act – oftentimes referred to as the Arizona Slum Lord Act)
  • protecting your anonymity and privacy by negotiating directly with tenants regarding the terms of their lease
  • rigorous screenings of prospective tenants including credit and criminal background checks, as well as checking with their employers and current or former landlords
  • safeguarding your interests and rental property investment by utilizing attorney-approved lease agreements
  • working with company-approved professionals and technicians to ensure that all maintenance and repair issues are resolved efficiently, promptly, and to the satisfaction of both Austin Fleck Property Management and the tenant

How Do Rental Property Investors Benefit?

As an investor in rental properties, we understand how you may have questions regarding our company, and the extensive line of property management services that we provide. This is especially true when you’re a first-time landlord and are considering hiring a third party to handle the daily operations, and maintenance issues, of your rental properties. As a rental property investor, hiring a competent company for property management, Tempe, can be worth its weight in gold. Partnering with Austin Fleck Property Management will not only protect your property investment, it will afford you the following benefits:

  • assistance with your bookkeeping and taxes
  • better quality tenants
  • fewer vacancy cycles due to higher tenant retention
  • increased property investment value
  • less risk of encountering legal problems
  • lower maintenance costs and repair expenses
  • professional late fee and rent collection process

Additionally, there are three (3) significant personal benefits that you will enjoy as a rental property investor, when hiring our Tempe property management services, including:

Freeing up your time – Now you can find time to spend with your family and friends or look for other investment opportunities.

Considerably less stress and worry – We deal with issues so you don’t have to, such as: collecting rent, dealing with emergencies in the middle of the night, evicting tenants, filling out all the paperwork, coordinating vendors, repairing damages, and watching out for rental scams.

More personal freedom – You can live anywhere you choose, even out of state, when you have Austin Fleck Property Management managing your rental properties for you. So travel all you want without ever having to worry about being available.

For more information regarding our property management Tempe, AZ services, or to inquire about available rentals, contact Austin Fleck Property Management at your earliest convenience.