Queen Creek Property Management

Based on US Census estimates of 2015, the city of Queen Creek has a population in excess of 34,000 residents. While it has experienced a 31.3 growth rate since the 2010 census, the city’s most significant growth occurred in the decade prior when it grew a phenomenal 510.8% (4,316 in 2000 to 26,361 in 2010). With the amazing growth that has occurred here, Austin Fleck Property Management has now added Queen Creek property management to its list of services.

The City of Queen Creek

The city of Queen Creek is predominantly located within Maricopa County, but a portion of the city limits extends on the eastern and southern side into Pinal County. According to “Area Vibes”, a website that measures the livability of cities throughout the US and helps people find some of the best cities to live in, Queen Creek is ranked as the 3rd best city to live in here in Arizona. There are a lot of amenities to enjoy as well, both in and surrounding the city.

Compared to the rest of Arizona, Queen Creek has a 15% higher high school graduation rate and a 68% higher median household income while at the same time enjoying 28% lower crime rate than the state average. In addition to the very positive livability factors that Queen Creek has to offer, the city has an abundance of cultural attractions worthy of mention including:

  • American Heritage Festival – an educational living history event and the largest of its kind in Arizona
  • Horseshoe Park and Equestrian Center – one of the largest publicly owned and operated facilities of its kind and the home to a number of regional events
  • Queen Creek Olive Mill – a family owned and operated business that grows olives and produces extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality
  • Queen Creek Performing Arts Center – features ballets, Broadway plays, dramas, and musicals in addition to some national comedy acts and today’s top music
  • Schnepf Farms – this family owned farm is the home of frequent festivals

For real estate investors, the Queen Creek real estate market features great values for those of you who want to generate addition income by leasing out single family with the assistance of our Queen Creek property management services. For families who want more privacy than what an apartment complex has to offer, Queen Creek is an ideal city to live in and raise a family.

Benefits of Our Property Management Services

Benefits of Our Property Management Services

If you’re a Queen Creek investment property owner who prefers to avoid the headaches and stress of being a landlord, Austin Fleck Property Management is here to help. We understand that some property owners would rather avoid having to deal with those monthly expense and rental income management responsibilities or any middle-of-the-night maintenance and repair calls on holidays and weekends.

If this sounds familiar, then you would probably benefit from our Queen Creek property management services in a number of ways including:

Acting as the buffer between the property owner and tenants – we act as the main contact for all tenant issues and concerns. If something breaks, we ensure that it gets fixed quickly and efficiently. We also conduct regular inspections of the property and can address any problems that may arise no matter what time of the day or night that they occur.

Decreased tenant turnover and shorter vacancy cycles – your tenants will be happy with our Queen Creek property management services. We are always available when there are problems and are quick to respond. By keeping everyone happy, we are able to increase tenant retention rates and shorten vacancy cycles.

Renting to higher quality tenants – we see thousands of lease applications and can identify the warning signs when we review them. Austin Fleck Property Management runs all applications through a rigorous screening process. It includes a background and criminal check as well as research into their employment and rental history.

Rents will always be paid on time – the key to receiving on-time rental payments is a consistent rent collection system. We strictly enforce all lease policies whenever rent payments are late. Furthermore, we know the legal and proper steps to take whenever tenants fail to pay on time.

For more information about our extensive line of Queen Creek property management services and how we can increase the value of your investment, please contact Austin Fleck Property Management today.