Paradise Valley Property Management

Nestled in the hills of Maricopa County to the north of Phoenix and Scottsdale is the small, affluent community of Paradise Valley. Although the city covers a relatively small geographic area and its population is roughly 14,000 residents (2014 US Census est.), it is considered as one of the best areas for investing in single family homes to rent. It is also one of the cities in the greater Phoenix area that has recently been added to the Austin Fleck Property Management portfolio.

The City of Paradise Valley

The City of Paradise Valley

Despite its geographic size and smaller populace, Paradise Valley will surprise you with its many amenities which include 8 full-service resorts and a tourism-driven economy. Although real estate is priced slightly higher in the city compared to other Phoenix area communities, Paradise Valley property management opportunities typically yield an excellent return on investment. What was once an agricultural area during the latter 1800’s and early to mid-1900 has evolved into quite a self-sufficient community.

Paradise Valley’s lifestyle has remained in much the same state as the earlier settlers had envisioned it when it was first being used for agricultural and cattle grazing during the 1880’s. For the residents of the city, it’s all about three things – open spaces, privacy, and quiet surroundings. Another element that has remained unchanged all this time is the reliance on volunteer politicians to lead a city government that is limited yet quite responsive to the needs of its residents.

Property Management in Paradise Valley

With an ever-expanding housing market and a relocation destination that continues to grow in popularity, Paradise Valley has long been considered a great place to invest in rental property, specifically single family homes. Austin Fleck Property Management managed properties throughout the greater Phoenix area for almost 30 years and we are now proud to offer Paradise Valley property management services to investors. We can show you how easy it is to generate additional income by renting out your home.

We have found that many real estate investors are attracted to this city as well as those individuals and their families who are searching for the type of privacy that apartment living simply can’t offer the tenant. Many homes are very exclusive as there are strict zoning standards that limit the expansion of commercial and industrial properties in the area. Families with children are drawn to Paradise Valley because of its classy clubs, great schools, and luxurious resorts.

As you’re the managers of your property, Austin Fleck Property Management we will show you to profit from renting out your single family home. Furthermore, we can help you find the highest quality tenants with our advertising and marketing strategies and rigorous applicant screening process. Our goal is to ensure higher tenant retention rates and shorter vacancy cycles no matter what size home it is. With our competitive management fees and an uncompromising work ethic, you’ll realize more profits.

Take Advantage of Our Services

Take Advantage of Our Services

Our Paradise Valley property management services were developed with a dual purpose in mind – to protect your investment and increase the value of your property. For those real estate investors who do not have the time to manage their properties daily, or do not possess the necessary skills required to be a landlord, we’ve got you covered. We are committed to meeting or exceeding your expectations and that means taking the burden off your shoulders and handling all the headaches involved in being a landlord.

We invite you to take advantage of our extensive line of property management services which includes the following:

  • Advertising and marketing strategies that will attract a higher caliber of tenant
  • Collecting rents every month and security deposits when applications are approved
  • Completing all maintenance and repairs to the property and responding promptly to all tenant requests
  • Ensuring compliancy with all federal and state housing laws and regulations
  • Providing you with all accounting and tax documentation
  • Regular inspections of your property

For the real estate investor who’s been searching for the right Paradise Valley property management company, we invite you to contact us and discuss your needs with one of our knowledgeable specialists. For more information regarding our extensive line of property management services in the greater Phoenix area, contact Austin Fleck Property Management today.