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ARMLS Statistics for March 2017

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Managing Conflicts Between Property Owners and Tenants

As a landlord or rental property owner, you may have had difficulties working with a particular tenant. You went out of your way to be nice to them and let your patience get pushed to the limit yet you couldn’t resolve the problem. If you’re thinking something has to change, you might be right, especially … Read More

Using Social Media to Find Better Tenants

Since the advent of the internet and the World Wide Web, communication has evolved print media (i.e. books, magazines, and newspapers). While print media is gradually becoming a thing of the past, jumping to that conclusion may be a bit short-sighted. It is true that print media is becoming less useful, especially for rental property … Read More

ARMLS Statistics for February 2017

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The Recession-Proof Nature of Property Management

One of the primary obligations that a property management company has to their clients is protecting their investment. While physical protection of one’s rental property is an important task, many companies also look at protection from an economic standpoint. In other words, the client must feel confident that their property management team is doing all … Read More

Building Long-Term Relationships with Clients and Tenants

One of the keys to being a successful property management company is understanding how the client-tenant relationship works. Property managers are the liaison, or buffer if you will, between the two parties, yet they are the glue that solidifies the relationship, holds it together, and maintains it. So the development of long-term relationships with clients … Read More

Tenant FAQ: “Am I responsible even though I didn’t plant it or grow it?”

This week we received a call from a tenant that received an HOA violation for excessive weed growth in the yard in addition to failing to maintain the lawn and trimming the bushes. Tenant Q: “Do I just needed to let you know so you can contract someone. Management A: “No, this is tenant responsibility.” … Read More

ARMLS Statistics for January 2017

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Fair Housing Laws Rental Property Investors Should Be Aware Of

One of the primary responsibilities of property management companies is ensuring that the investor-owner and their rental properties are compliant with all federal and state housing laws.  Unfortunately, there are a few of these laws that the investor overlooks yet should be aware of.  Property management firms are familiar with Fair Housing Laws such as … Read More

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How Property Management Companies Help Investors Anticipate Future Of The Rental Market

Believe it or not, there is a valuable lesson and reminder that property management companies and real estate investors can learn from the poem about Humpty Dumpty.  Since the Presidential election of November 2016, the winds of change have been blowing stronger than ever.  We have seen financial markets adjusting to the changes and uncertainties … Read More