Property Management Companies: To Fee Or Not To Fee?

Property Management Companies: To Fee Or Not To Fee?

October 15, 2018

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Sorry, Mr. Shakespeare, the pun was too good to pass up. But it’s a question professional property management companies need to answer, including Austin Fleck Property Management in Gilbert, AZ. We need to charge for our services in order to provide you with the best property management in the Phoenix area. But we keep it simple and fair, because we want to provide exceptional value to our clients. And we love to do win-win business. So, what are the differences between our fees and those of other property management companies?

Fees of Other Property Management Companies

When you engage a property management company, there will often be an upfront fee to begin the service. There are several reasons for this fee. It pays the property manager for what is needed to get the rental onto the market; requirements such as listings, advertising, paying a realtor’s commission, showing the rental home to prospective tenants, and many other items and services.

Then there is a monthly fee, which is either a flat rate fee or a percentage of the monthly rent. This fee will vary depending on the services agreed to in the contract. Services may or may not include tenant screening and tenant relations, rent collection and disbursement, eviction proceedings, and maintenance and repair administration.

Extra Fees

With some property management firms, you might pay additional fees for services or charges that may not be included in the lease agreement. They may charge a fee whenever a tenant moves in or out. They may add a surcharge on every repair or maintenance item for which they contracted a repairman. Or, there may be an inspection fee to make sure the property is in conformance with all applicable regulations. We don’t like these unexpected surprise fees! It’s much better if you know what to expect each month.

Austin Fleck Property Management Fees

At Austin Fleck Property Management, we have only two fees. We have a fixed upfront Leasing Fee and a percentage-based monthly management Fee. That’s it. Our Management Fee includes everything that many other property managers charge extra for, including all tenant services, handling of maintenance and repair issues, and rent collection/disbursement. Plus, we NEVER add any surcharges!

Not all property management companies are created equal. Austin Fleck Property Management is focused on increasing the value of your investment through our excellent rental property management. We are service-oriented because we love our clients. Unlike Shakespeare, there is never Much Ado About Nothing. Rather, we believe that All’s Well That Ends Well—even in our not-so-little hamlet called the Phoenix Valley.



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