How Many Lawyers Does It Take To . . .

How Many Lawyers Does It Take To . . .

September 24, 2018

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At Austin Fleck Property Management (serving Gilbert, AZ and the surrounding communities), we believe America is an amazing country. We live under the banner of “Liberty and Justice for All.” Underneath that banner, our society functions best when there is an established order and protection. And as for our American economy, it is based on contracts freely entered into by interested parties. As a property management company, we see these as some of the primary reasons laws are instituted for the common welfare of “We, the people.”

Establish the Laws of Real Estate?

Our three levels of government (Federal, State, and Local) each have the right to make such laws as necessary for the common good. And though we’ve heard jokes about attorneys who serve in the halls of America’s courts, it is these lawyers who continue to make our legal system function as well as it does.

Concerning Real Estate, all three levels of government have a say in how property is conveyed and business is conducted. In the business of property management, it is on the state and local levels where most of the relevant laws are passed and enforced. These laws primarily stipulate the way property is transferred and provide for the protection of the consumer.

Explain the laws of Real Estate?

When you are transferring ownership of property, it is in your own best interest to engage the services of a real estate attorney. While it is not required in most states, it is the best way to make certain your transaction meets the demands of the law. These attorneys specialize in real estate property law and are invaluable in securing your prized asset. They will explain the fine print of the sales contract to you and alert you to any changes they feel would be to your benefit.

Give Good Advice About Real Estate?

Often, lawyers can see problems that may crop up in the future and give you good advice to maximize opportunities and minimize liability. One example would be understanding mineral rights. A property can have valuable assets such as oil, coal, or natural gas in the ground. Often, the rights to extract and/or sell those assets are conveyed along with title to the land. A real estate attorney will tell you if you will own the rights, or if they have been separated from the property. The lawyer can also advise you when it comes time to negotiate any contracts concerning these rights and defend your rights in court if they are challenged in the future.

Make You Feel Secure Concerning Real Estate?

At Austin Fleck Property Management, we work regularly with legal experts to make sure your investment is protected. We know the laws pertaining to landlord – tenant relations and we rigorously follow the laws of our industry—laws designed to serve you as the owner, your tenants, and us, the property management company. If you have any law-related questions concerning your rental property, we will work with you to find the answers. Give us a call; we’re always happy to talk!



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