Top Cringe-Worthy Late Rent Excuses

Top Cringe-Worthy Late Rent Excuses

December 14, 2016

Property management companies in Mesa, AZ rarely have problems involving late rent payments thanks to their online portals and software solutions for collecting these monies.  Furthermore, the excuses that renters commonly make when paying their rent late are also eliminated when you start accepting online rent payments.  As the rental property owner, this also helps to reduce your financial stress and the need to pursue any legal action (i.e. eviction).

Some of the excuses that tenants come up with stagger the imagination.  But the reality is that over 60% of all renters have little if any savings for emergencies such as job loss, unexpected medical bills, and so on.  Statistics have shown that most individuals have less than $1,000 saved up while others have no savings at all.  Then there are those cases where the inability to pay their rent on time is due to mismanaging their finances.  Some of the more common excuses include:

  • “I had to pay for my child’s school.”
  • “I have too many bills.”
  • “I lost my job.”
  • “I needed to buy a new car.”

Another type of excuse that property management companies in Mesa, AZ are well aware of is the “I can’t get the rent to you because….” excuses, which include statements like:

  • “I need to have my vehicle repaired so I can get to and from work.”
  • “I stopped by with my rent but the office was closed.”
  • “I can’t pay the rent after I get off work because my bank will be closed.”
  • “I don’t like going out when it’s raining, snowing, or windy because I get sick too easy.”
  • “My check’s in the mail.”  (Believe it or not, this is still a common excuse.)

Another common group of excuses involves placing the blame on another company, individual, or situation.  Some of the more common excuses include:

  • “I was shorted on my paycheck at work.”
  • “I haven’t received my government payment yet.”
  • “My child, husband, or sibling stole my rent money.”
  • “I didn’t get my child support payment yet.”
  • “My bank made a mistake with my account.”
  • “A friend was supposed to drop off my rent payment.”
  • “The post office lost it.”
  • “You haven’t made the repairs that I requested weeks ago.”

No matter what the excuse, tenants must realize that the rent is always due on the date specified in their lease.  Interestingly enough, one of the primary benefits that property management companies afford landlords or owners is the ability to collect rents online from tenants. Additionally, to deal with an errant tenant is easy for them as they have a legal team to refer to.

So if you are tired of the headaches and stress that befalls most landlords and owners of rental properties today, it may be time to consider hiring a company that is experienced at managing rental properties. An experienced property management company can handle multiple accounts and deal with the various day-today problems faced by tenants.